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Early Web Multimedia and Experimental Films by Jon Lybrook

Web Multimedia by Jon Lybrook

CGT and Tony Levin Live Webcast
April 22, 2000

Some early web multimedia projects by Jon Lybrook and Chronosynthesis Productions included one of the very first video webcasts from the Boulder Theater, in Boulder Colorado on April 22, 2000. The project was done in conjunction with the now defunct Worldstream Communications. It was a simple, one camera webcast with streaming audio of a performance by the versatile California Guitar Trio, along with bass legend Tony Levin followed by a Q&A hosted by Mark J. of KRCC Radio. Questions were posted via the text chat that accompanied the video. The webcast was played to a full house at the Boulder Theater, and to a web audience of about 80. There was some concern by the management at the time that KGNU Radio, a sponsoring radio station could not tell people about the webcast, since they feared it would detract from ticket sales. Sadly, the archived copy of this historic webcast was only available in a proprietary format that is no longer supported.

Genomica Bioscience Lecture Series
January and February of 2000

This early, multimedia-driven lecture series was provided to Genomica Corporation employees on their intranet to help with internal training with regard to the science of genetics. Professor Paula Enrietto was a senior scientist with the reference database team at Genomica and hosted the lecture series and provided all the sidles and content that moves in synchronicity with the video. This webcast archive requires Real Player.

Other web streaming projects by Jon Lybrook and Chronosynthesis Productions

Other early projects involving multimedia and web streaming included setting up the first mp3 streaming icecast server for KGNU Radio in Boulder Colorado, as well as an icecast audio server for Slooh provides web-based access to high-powered telescopes for astronomy enthusiasts. Jon Lybrook and Chronosynthesis Productions provided technical consultation and on-going support to both these fun community-oriented organizations and their projects.

Experimental Films

Prior to becoming involved in computers full-time, Jon Lybrook was an experimental filmmaker and multimedia artist both during and after attending Bard College. Both a fan and an acquaintance of the late Stan Brakhage, many early film-based luminogram artwork by Jon Lybrook reflect the hand-made nature of the ground-breaking films Professor Brakhage made famous through his pioneering of the avant-garde and abstract expressionist film movements.

Chronosynthesis (or Life in Barrytown)
A Film in three acts by Jon Lybrook.
Made in 16mm film in 1989, re-edited digitally in 1996 and again in 2011, this work uses many different techniques, from painting on film, superimposition, stop-motion animation, and other analog image processing to explore the ideas of romanticism, idealism, and fatalism through often heavily layered visual imagery and audio.
Originally shown on one reel, using high fidelity, wild sync sound (Wild Hi-Fi!).

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Changing My Mind
A film by Jon Lybrook with music by Kirk Odle
A fast-paced journey into manic psychological effects of sign and symbol on American roadways.
Edited almost entirely in-camera, this three minute, Super-8mm film contains dynamic synchopation traveling quickly through visual communications of everyday life.

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